Each day we offer a sample of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Finland, Sanomat: “Don’t Give Money To Beggars”
These days, more and more people have become the beggars.

Canada, Toronto Star: “Phone Directory No Longer Delivered”
Sorry, wrong number.

South Africa, Argus” “I’m Not A Thief”
I’m just a member of Congress.

Australia, Canberra Times: “Budget Cuts Leave Librarians On Shelf”
Does this mean I can’t check out a librarian?

Saudi Arabia, Saudi Gazette: “Tight Pants Banned”
Only men in flowing robes allowed.

UK, Guardian: “Priests Mistresses Write Pope”
Sorry girls, he is off limits.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Deadly Ecstasy In Circulation”
Do you mean the FOX News drug which sends people into ignorance?

Indonesia, Jakarta Post: “Be Watchful Of Housemaids”
They can clean you out.

Sweden, The Local: “Red Cross Chief Jailed For Fraud”
Count Dracula was arrested with blood still on his hands.

Australia, Brisbane Times: “I Thought I Could Feel A Pulse”
Sorry, the Republican Party is dead.

Canada, Toronto Star: “Plug Oil Leak With Mud”
I’m mud about this idea.