Each week we offer a sampling of headlines from the world press.

UK, Guardian: “Cannabis Selling Milkman”
He keeps you healthy and high.

Australia, Smith.org: “School Seizes HOmes Over Fees”
Exactly what is the lesson being taught?

Kuwait, Kuwait Times: “Conference on Anti-Social Behavior”
Is this conference for or against it?

Saudi Arabia, Saudi Gazette: “Police Capture Highway Robbers”
The highways will be back in place sometime next week.

Qatar, Gulf Times: “Members Donate Blood”
The Dracula Club has a high interest in blood.

Bahrain, Arab Times: “Bangladesh Crowns Rat Killer”
Hail to Mohammed K. Cat for his good work.

Kuwait, Kuwait Times: “Kangeroos Lose Game”
They were out jumped by their opponents.

Sweden, The Local: “Police Toilet Gaffe”
They fired the wrong weapon.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Pigeons Face Eviction”
The thing bothering me is who cleans up the mess left behind.

Yemen, Yemen Times: “Law Passed to Make Kidnapping A Crime”
Wow, that takes a load off my mind, there is a law against kidnapping.

Finland, Sanomat: “Is Fat Fat?”
This question does not weigh heavy on my mind.