Each day we offer a sample of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Saudi Arabia, Saudi Gazett: “Dead Body Not Treated As Suspicious”
Heck, this is Saudi Arabia, the question is –did it have whip marks?

USA, Stars & Stripes: “North Korea Cancels Talks With UN”
“Talks Back On Between North Korea And UN”

UK, Guardian: ‘Bristol Palin Engaged To Baby’s Father”
I assume this is what Sarah Palin means by restoring traditional family values.

Qatar, Gulf Times: “UK Best Place To Die”
There is no “best place” to die, only to live.

Canada, Toronto Star: “Vatican Toughens Sex Abuse Laws”
To encourage or discourage sex abuse?

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “Police Seek Clues In Farmer’s Death”
I hope they can dig up some clues.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Nomads Are Deported”
Big deal, they are NOMADS for God’s sale!

China, China Daily: “Rules To Crush Bribery”
Don’t accept bribes?

Russia, Moscow Times: “Official’s Wife Gets City Contracts”
Of course, she should, she is an official’s wife.

Egypt, Egypt Daily News: “Animal Rights Campaign Ends With Women Fighting”
A cat fight?

USA, NY Post: “Paris Caught With Pot”
Was it one to piss in?