Headlines From The World Press

Each week we offer headlines that appeared in the world press with our own comments.

Australia, Brisbane Times: ‘Man’s Penis Injured In Accident”
I guess this is the long and short of the story.

Sweden, The Local: “Nude Swedish Troops Back in Action”
They wanted to bare all in the search for victory.

Serbia, B-92: “Cyprus Backs Serbia”
Wow, that really reassures me Serbia is in good hands.

Greece, Kathimerini: “Collateral Benefits Of Jail Breaks”
Fewer people to feed.

Australia, The Age: “Woman Exercised Husband To Death”
Standing or lying down?

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “City Solves Nurse Shortage”
Just let the patients die.

Sweden, The Local: “Man Assaulted With Axe Outside Hospital”
He axed to be allowed in for treatment.

Canada, Toronto Star: “Woman Trades Kids For $175 And Cockatoo”
She just wanted to make sure someone said hello in the morning.

China, Shanghai Daily: “Retiring Vice Mayor Learns English”
He wanted to talk with English speaking prostitues.

Indonesia, Jakarta Post: “Fishermen Fall Victim To Loan Sharks”
That’s a lot safer than falling victim to sharks.

South Africa, Argus: “Cops Get Out Of Court By Going To Jail”
They reached Go and went to jail.

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “Riches To Rags Story”
An American tale in 2009.

Sweden, The Local: “Man Steals Condoms”
He wanted to make a point that stood out.