Each day we offer a sample of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Toronto Star: “Birds In Romania Die”
I guess Count Dracula is off human blood.

UK, Guardian: “Seek Teenage Geniuses”
If you want one, stay away from the Palin residence.

Indonesia, Jakarta Post: “Most Children Think Negatively”
Why is this a surprise? They are living on planet Earth!

Sweden, The Local: “Sex With Scantily Clad Women Not A Crime”
At age 80, sex with women wearing or not wearing clothes is a blessing.

UK, Independent: “Energy Secretary Divorced”
I guess he ran out of energy in bed.

USA, Army Times: “Taliban Losing Ground In Afghanistan”
But, they are gaining ground in Pakistan.

Russia, Moscow Times: “Spy Chapman To Unravel Mysteries”
With a body like hers, let is all unravel!

USA, New York Post: “Dog On 4th Deployment”
Let’s hope it doesn’t begin to dog it.

China, China Daily: “Defend Home Turf”
Like lobbyists who believe Congress is their turf.