Each week we offer a review of the world press with our own comments.

Kuwait, Kuwait Times: “Volcano Erupts Twice”
Once for Wall Street, and once for Bernie Madoff.

Ukraine, Kyiv Post: “Kyiv Mayor Takes Vacation”
We know of some political leaders he can take with him.

Indonesia, Jakarta Post: “President Apologizes For Traffic Congestion”
I wish the American president only had such problems to confront.

Czech Republic, Prague Post: “Crisis Cuts Prices of Chateaus”
Whew, that makes me feel better.

Romania, Seven Times r.o. “Dracula Promotes Tourism”
He is offering a special for one pint of blood and the train leaves at midnight.

Australia, Brisbane Times: “I Was Wrong”
This is one headline not said from the man now in Texas.

China, China Daily: “Tibet Is A Story Of Progress”
This information is a public service announcement from the Chinese government.

Qatar, Arab Times: “Nude Man On Kuwait TV”
He wanted to present the bare truth.

Saudi Arabia, Saudi Gazette: “Child Walks Away From Five Story Fall”
Little Clark Kent wrapped his cape around himself and walked away.

Canada, Toronto Star: “Toronto Councillors Tour Strip Club”
When these councillors say they will get at the bare facts, they are not kidding.

Australia, The Age: “Plane’s Engine Falls From Sky”
Fortunately, the plane landed safely.

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “I Turned Down J FK But Had His Son”
I assume it was by Immaculate Conception.

UK, The Independent: “Elephant In Belfast Backyard”
I will forget about this story within a moment.

Sweden, The Local: “Police Caught By Speed Cameras”
I assume they were arrested by pedestrians.

China, Shanghai Daily: “Scientists Need Volunteers For Vaccines”
No scientists need apply.

Czech Republic, Prague Post: “Some Facts About Slovakia”
One, it exists.

Yemen, Yemen Times: “Yemen Origin Of Humankind”
Is this a boast or complaint?