Each day we offer a sample of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “Saved From Going To Hell”
I quit the Republican party.

Russia, Moscow Times: “Music Critic Guilty Of Defaming Politician”
I guess he just played the wrong note.

Ireland, Independent: “Irish Man Run Over By Tourist Boat’
After a few drinks, an Irishman has hard time knowing if he is on land or water.

USA, St. Louis Post Dispatch: “Deal On Dog Issue”
Dogs can now poop on the sidewalk.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Give Animals Property Rights”
Heck, they get free food and lodging, why not let them own the damn property.

Norway, Norway Post: “We Don’t Need Massive Change”
We have Donald Trump and his ego is enough for the world.

UK, Guardian: “Mystery of Easter Island”
No bunnies?

Australia, Brisbane Times: “I Tossed A Coin To Decide”
These days when given our choices, not a bad idea.

Czech Republic, Prague Post: “Book On Graft Returned”
How much did they charge to return it?

Sweden, The Local: “We Had To Keep A Secret”
Sarah Palin does know more about foreign policy than Michele Bachmann.