Each day we offer a sample of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Sweden, The Local: “Elk Pregnant”
Did anyone see a black dude from Africa in the vicinity?

China, China Daily: “China Sends Woman Into Space”
That is one way to get rid of a dissident.

Russia, Moscow Times: “Aging Population Imperils Economy”
Have you thought of just letting them die?

Ireland, Independent: “Men Want Less Sex”
Just another way to say let’s have fewer kids.

France, Connexion: “Condom Plan Helps Teens”
And makes for fewer teens.

Finland, Sanomat: ‘Pride Parade Attacker Gets Suspended Sentence”
Not a very proud sentence if you ask me.

Czech Republic, Prague Monitor: “Immigration No Solution”
How about emigration?

Turkey, Hurriyet: “Native Americans Offended By Geronimo”
Would Moishe be more satisfying?

UK, Guardian: “John Paul II Beatified”
And, a holy day was had by all.

Sweden, the Local: “Firm Punished For Prying Questions”
It was the answers that upset folk.