Each week we offer a review of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our own comments.

South Africa, Mail & Guardian: “Rino Poachers Hides On Line”
I have a feeling there are a lot more rino hides on the line than those of poachers.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post; “Cemetery Residents Forced Out By Construction”
Do they go to homeless shelters?

Finland, Helsinki Times: “City Transport To Cut Smartboard Fares”
They will be replaced by dumboard fares.

Bahrain, Arab Times: “Official Bribes Scribes”
With paper?

Qatar, Gulf Times: “Qatar Airways Soars To Greater Heights”
I would be more worried if they soared to lower heights.

Canada, Toronto Star: “Man Robbed Of Clothes”
This is what is termed getting to the bare essentials of a story.

America, NY Daily News: “Mayor Elected One Month After Death”
I have a hunch we would do better electing dead people than some of the living we elect.

Sweden, The Local: “Drunk Norwegians Mark Easter”
With vomit?

Hungary, Budapest Times: “Compulsory Nudity At German Hotel”
I could use the address of this open place.

Netherlands, Radio Netherlands: “Spain And Portugal Miss Out On Easter Sunshine”
That’s what happens when you don’t invite Barack Obama to visit your nation.

Australia, Canberra Times: “Teen Robbed In Toilet At Rock Concert”
At least he was able to hear what they were asking.

Portugal, Portugal News: “Used Car Sales Down”
Does this mean new car sales are up?

UK, Guardian: “Gang Boss Becomes Buddhist Priest”
When this priest talks, listen or else!

Kuwait, Kuwait Times: “Kuwait Holds Cleaning Expo”
The price of admission is a bar of soap.

Japan, Japan Times: “Women Know Your Place”
Three paces behind and maintain a smile.

Sweden, The Local: “Pastor On Probation For Sex With Grieving Mother”
A little warm comfort goes a long way in bed.

Saudi Arabia, Saudi Gazette: “Cleric Told To Promote Optimism”
In the end, we all go up or down, at least it beats being in Saudi Arabia