Each week we offer comments on headlines that appeared in the world press.

Finland, Sanomat: “Questions For The Left”
Be right.

UK, The Independent: “Six Year Booze Case End With No Charge”
After six years on booze, he forgot the charge.

Qatar, Arab Times: “200 Mosques Pointed In Wrong Direction”
If I was you, I get them turned around, real quick.

Australia, Brisbane Times: “Atheists Speak Out”
They took a moment to pray before speaking out.

Sweden, The Local: “Bartender Jailed For Pimping”
This is news?

Saudi Arabia, Saudi Gazette: “Cleric Told To Promote Optimism”
Or, face the un-optimistic man with a whip to get you going.

Kuwait, Kuwait Times: “Kuwait Holds Cleaning Expo”
As far as I’m concerned, let’s wash this story out of my hair.

China, Hua in News: “Swedish Society Founded”
In China?

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Unemployed Told To Get Fit”
If one is unemployed, getting fit is the least of problems.

Indonesia, Jakarta Post: “Loose Screws Not Enough To Keep Planes Grounded”
If they go up in the air, they sure will be able to keep them grounded.”

Sweden, The Local: “Pastor On Probation For Sex With Grieving Mother”
He was simply trying to bestow some warm affection.

Yemen, Yemen Times: “Trial Of Murdered Doctor Begins”
He was the first witness called to testify.

UAR, Khaleej Times: “Michael Jackson Sale Goes On”
It will be followed by a sale for Matt Damon.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Goalie Charged With Assault”
Isn’t that what they are expected to do on the playing field?

UK, The Independent: “Ramos Sorry For Sneaking Out To Bull Fight”
This is one bull story if I ever heard one.

Czech Republic, Prague Post: “Oxeman Cometh”
The Iceman could make it due to warm weather.