Each day we offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

South Africa, Argus:  “Two More Baboons In

Gee, I thought there were over 240 in the House of Representatives.

Ireland, Independent:  “Miss Piggy Comments Hurt”

Frankly, I prefer her comments to those of John Boehner.

Turkey, Hurriyet:  Mother Kills Him For Marrying Girl”

Sounds, like a nice Jewish mother to me.

UK, Guardian:  “BAA Must Sell Airports”

I guess the planes can land on highways.

USA, Army Times:  “Would You Vote For Toxic Leader?”

We did, the Tea Party folk!

Norway, Norway Post:  “Here Comes The Tequila Part”

After Republicans mess up our economy, being drunk won’t look so bad.

Russia, Moscow Times:  “Cop Fired For Urinating On Door”

At least, he didn’t urinate on prisoners.

Sweden, Local:  “Recycle Cremation Waste”

I’m certain press agents can come up with a new campaign for a political leader.