Each day we offer headlines that appeared in the World Press.

UAR, Khaleej Press: “Sudan Bashir Vows To Try Darfur War Criminals”
He has volunteered to be the first defendant.

Japan, Japan Today: “Giant Spiders March Through Yokahama”
They were searching for Godzilla.

Trinidad, Guardian: “Three Cops Arrested”
This is news?

Hungary, Budapest Sun: “Elephants Help Homeless”
They offer free showers twice a day.

Sweden, The Local: “Sweden Tops European Rape League”
Isn’t this one league you would prefer to wind up in last place?

Indonesia, Jakarta Post: “Four Key Witnesses For David”
Solomon, Bathsheba, Jeremiah, Giant

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Unemployed Urged To Stay Fit”
That should not be a problem given they lack food.

USA, NY Daily News: “Mayor Elected One Month After Death”
After recent years, I would prefer a dead mayor to a live Bush.

Finland, Helsinki Times: “City Transport To Cut Smartboard Fares”
They will be replaced by Dumbboard Fares.

Russia, Moscow Times: “Crime Boss Goes On Trial”
He can’t be a crime boss if he is on trial.