Each day we offer a sample of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Sweden, Local:  ‘Police Steal Confiscated Goods”

Are you saying this is not legal?

Denmark, Copenhagen Post;  “Keep The Faith”

Sorry, Barack, time is running out among those who voted for you and are tired of the cowardly behavior you have displayed.

Germany, Der Spiegel:  “Prostitute Tax Meters”

Are clients who don’t come also required to pay?

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald:  “Labor Split Over Asylum”

Is the asylum for labor or for the bosses?

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald:   “Woman Jailed For Stabbing Victim 7 Times”

Sorry, madam, the limit is six stabs.

China, China Daily:  “Chain Smoking Mice”

I guess if they cough it just gets them killed by the cats.

Norway, Norway Post:  “Fewer Swedes Use Condoms”

I guess we can expect more Swedes.