Each day we offer a sample of headlines that appeared ing the world press along with our comments.

Netherlands, Dutch News:  “27,000 Chickens Killed In Fire”

And, the fire was not at Kentucky Fried Chicken!

USA, NY Daily News:  “Palin To South Korea For Talk On Business”

This is like sending Jack the Ripper to serve as night watchman in London.

UK, Independent:  DSK Back In France”

And, hopefully he never leaves it. Let French women have him.

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald:  “Happy As Pigs In Shit”

I suspect poor Americans fit the description except for the “happy” word.

USA, NY Post:  “Super Rich Escape  Wealth Tax”

How can the government make a billionaire pay another ten thousand in taxes! Socialism!

China, China Daily:  “Nations Can Learn From One Another”

How to kill, starve people, hate one another, etc…

Sweden, The Local:  “Hospital Seeks Advice On Human Parts”

Don’t roast legs too long.