Each week we offer headlines that appeared in the world press along with our own comments.

Sweden, The Local: “Sweden To Ban Mercury”
However, it does welcome Mars and Saturn.

China, China Daily: “Scientist Fails To Get Sweeper Job”
When there is a recession, the only ones who are safe from unemployment are garbage men.

Australia, West Australian: “New Trains To Hit Tracks”
I assume the old ones are no longer on the tracks.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “More Windmills On Landscape”
I know a Spanish guy who would love to tilt them windmills.

Hungary, Budapest Times: “Can’t Tell Right From Left”
When it comes to Rush Limbaugh, he can’t tell right from right.

Indonesia, Jakarta Post: “Launch New Narcotics Prison”
Finally, some common sense, offer narcotics and the place will soon be filled with criminals.

Cuba, Gramma International: “Reflections Of Fidel”
Be prepared for the rest of the day listening to Fidel talk to himself about his brilliance.

Australia, Brisbane Times: “Jobless Survive On Baked Beans”
There is something smelly about this story.

Russia, Moscow Times: “Airlines Barred From Delivering Bags”
If it is a Russian plane, be happy they delivered the passengers in one piece.

Romania, Seven.ro: “Low Price Vacations In Transylvania”
It only costs one pint of blood per person.

Germany, The Local: “Railway Ticket Machines Crash”
I have a hunch this is a lot better than trains crashing.