Each day we offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald:  “David Jones Forced To Walk New Path”

I assume Davie Jones will walk the path of a plank.

Norway, Norway Post:  “Lone Wolf Killer Slipped Under Radar”

There go the sheep!

Denmark, Copenhagen Post:  “Captain Of Stranded Ship Was Drunk”

Are you saying that is wrong?

Turkey, Hurriyet:  “Release Student Jailed Over Scarf”

I assume the student was  jailed for self protection so she would not strangle herself.

Russia, Moscow Times:  “Putin Critic Dies Of Heart Attack”

He must have listened to another Putin speech no the glories of himself.

Ireland, Independent: “Goldman Sachs Hunts Muppet Email”

You guys can’t even stop grabbing the money of the muppets!

Germany, Spiegel:  “Greed Beginning Of Everything”

Now that sums up the Republican Platform.

Sweden, Local:  “Thief Steals Front Door”

He wanted to make certain he got into the house.