Each day we offer headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

UK, The Independent: “Human Gives Virus To Pig”
There are reports all humans will be quarantined and pigs allowed to run governments.

Thailand, Bangkok Post: “Berlusconi Demands Apology From Wife”
I gather she is unable to break free from the 200 young ladies who had intimate relations with the mouth and penis that roared.

Indonesia, Jakarta Post: “Dwarf Sized Mentality Of Politicians”
That is no way to insult dwarfs.

Japan, Mainichi Daily News: “Baby Dies But Does Not Have Swine Flu”
I gather each day thousands of babies die who do not have swine flu. Will newspapers print all their stories?

Canada, “Should Firms Sponsor Pothole Repairs?”
This could catch on. Should firms sponsor houses of prostitution?

Qatar, Gulf Times: “Sudan And Chad Bury Hatchet”
In whose head?

Israel, Jerusalem Post: “Obama Threatens Israel”
With peace?

Hungary, Budapest Times” “Hungary At Dead End”
Gee, I wish America could reach that point.