Each day we offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Australia,  Sydney Morning Herald:  “Rough Justice”

Just be black skinned and walk the streets of any US town.

US, aol:  “Santorum and Romney Hold Bit Meeting”

Naturally, it began with a big prayer.

USA, NY Post:   “Escort Woman Speaks Out”

“For you, it is only $150 for the night.”

Denmark, Copenhagen Post:  “Hot Ticket”

Hearing Newt Gingrich speaking the truth about reasons for seeking office.

Finland, Sanomat:  “Fight For Right  To Party”

I would be more impressed if you fought for the right NOT to party!

Sweden, Local:  “Squeeze Penis Is Not Assault”

However, using it is.

Turkey, Hurriyet:  “Truck Driver Assaults Ambulance Driver”

I am delivering  Bibles so I have the right to go first!