Each day we offer headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Norway, Nettivisin: “Number of Deceased Nigerians To Increase”
I should hope so.

Sweden, The Local: “Swedish Teen Tan Ban”
If your Swedish you are not dark colored.

Indonesia, Jakarta Post: Many Opposed To Bird Flu”
Pigs yes, birds no.

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “Butter-Cheese Thief Sentenced”
He will spend five years milking cows.

Australia, The Age: “All’s Fair In Love And Cooking”
A family that eats together loves together.

UK, The Independent: “Human Gave Virus To Pig”
Humans will be quarantined and the world will be run by pigs.

Thailand, Bangkok Post: “Berlusconi Wants Apology From Wife”
She should apologize for not fooling around with men to keep things even.

Japan, Japan Today: Is Jesus God?”
I thought he was the son of God.

China, China Daily: “Youth Offered Suicide Plan Reward”
For doing or not doing it?

Kuwait, Kuwait Times: “Saudi Girls Urged To Remain Chaste”
How about asking the boys to also remain chaste?

Yemen, Yemen Times: “Police Receive HIV Training”
How to get it or how to prevent it?