Each day we present headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Czech Republic, Prague Daily Monitor: “No Devils In Prague”
Moscow yes, Prague No.

China, China Daily: “Man Tries To Resell Wife To Traffickers”
He had a ten day warranty that allowed if not satisfied to return to seller

Pakistan, Pakistan Post: “Jobless Spaniards Sell Kidneys”
Employed Bush sold America’s heart.

Sweden, Stockholm News: “Stockholm Writes Off Debts”
Hey, Stockholm, there is a guy in Missouri who sure could take advantage of having you write off his debts.

Saudi Arabia, Saudi Gazette; “Campaign To Highlight Hijab”
I think we should cover up this story.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Quarantine Lifted With No Virus Found”
Flash!! No virus found. I guess this means no story found.

Qatar, Arab Times: “Bangldesh Bans Beggars”
I think this story begs the question as to how people eat.

South Africa, Herald: “I Married A Bully”
The American people who allowed Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld to have power.

UK, The Independent: “Human Gives Virus To Pig”
The humans will be quarantined and the pigs will run things for a bit.

Japan, Mainichi Daily News: “Violent Husband Strangled By Wife”
Let’s get this clear, who was the violent one again??