Each day we offer headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Malta, Malta Today: “Weapons Of Mass Distraction”
Rush Limbaugh’s mouth?

Gibralter, Gibralter Chronicle: “Grocer Arrested For Tobacco Offense”
Was he smoking in the non-smoking area where they sell tobacco?

Belgium, Belgium Expatica: “Why Brainy Women Have Better Sex Than Bimbos”
If being a Bimbo is wanting sex, then doesn’t the fact brainy women have better sex make them bimbos?

Saudi Arabia, Saudi Gazette: “Singapore Lures Saudi Tourists”
They now offer painless beheading.

Qatar, Gulf Times: “Bachelors Call For Better Service At Clinic”
On demand Sex?

Finland, Sanomat: “One In Four Patients Need Mental Health”
Sounds nutty to me.

Canada, Toronto Star: “Dead Man Walking”
Dick Cheney, and he even is talking!

Sweden, The Local: “Fried Potato With Face Of Jesus”
But, there were no potatoes in Palestine when Jesus was born.

Bahrain, Arab Times: “Hospital Sorry After Woman Declared Dead”
Are they sorry she is dead or is still alive?

Estonia, Baltic Times: “Exorcists Form Dream Team”
Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Limbaugh