Each day we present headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Qatar, Arab Times: “Bangladesh Police Cross Dress To Catch Criminals”
Have you ever considered the revolutionary idea of hiring female police?

Sweden, The Local: “Cockroach Invasion”
Undoubtedly another terrorist attack on the West.

Australia, Brisbane Times: “Passengers Find Body On Train”
Was it moving?

USA, Army Times: “Vice Chief- Restore Discipline”
Is the vice chief into chains and irons?

Mexico, Guadalajara Reporter: “Crossed Line Says Gay Candidate”
I assume he transgendered the line.

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “Players Told To Visit Brothels”
Before or after the game?

Papua New Guinea, The National: “Poverty, Easy Money, Attitude To Blame”
I think if you are poor you don’t have money.

Peru, Journal Peru: “Peru’s Futile War On Tardiness”
Let me think about this during my siesta.

Italy, The American: “Spooning Your Spaghetti”
Just twirl and twist and shove it down.

China, China Daily: “For The Mature Woman Who Has Everything”
A boy toy?

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Deadly Spider Hitches Ride To Denmark”
I didn’t know Don Rumsfeld was hitching rides.