Each day we offer headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

UK, The Independent: “Man Arrested Over Body In Flat”
Only one body allowed in a flat.

Australia, Brisbane Times: “Horror Intersection To Lose Traffic Lights”
Did the horror occur before or after they got rid of the traffic lights?

Sweden, The Local: “Kiss Man Jailed And Released From Jail”
We can kiss this story goodbye.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Sixty Years Of Burgers”
The thought gives me a tummy ache.

Norway, Norway Post: “Winter Returns To Mountains”
Did it ever leave, if so, where did it go?

Finland, Sanomat: “Chernobyl Was Supposed To Be A Dream Job”
Boy, that was one job opportunity that just exploded.

Czech Republic: Copenhagen Post: “A Conspiracy Of Dunces”
Republicans opposing the nomination of Justice Sotomayor”