Each day we offer headlines that appeared in world newspapers along with our comments.

Turkey, Duna: “Europe Needs Turkey”
I guess they are hungary for food.

UK, The Independent: “Tory MP Stepping Down Over Wife Gag’s Health”
I am really all gaga about this story.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Man Arrested For Late Night Shooting”
In the future he hopefully will do his shooting during the day.

Bhutan, Bhutan Observer: “Message To Civil Servants”
How about trying to be honest?

Kuwait, Kuwait Times: “Mouse Study Finds Hair Loss Gene”
Thank God, now they can avoid having bald mice!

Australia, Brisbane Times: “Corpse Found In Freezer After 20 Years”
Honey, I thought you said take the food out and put you in the freezer!

Pakistan, Daily Times: “Beggar Kills Salesman”
I think this story begs the question of who is guilty.

Finland, Sanomat: “Finns Masters Of Silence”
What exactly does one say alone in the frozen tundra?

Kuwait, Kuwait Times: “Kuwaitis In Japan Safe”
Godzilla headed north.

Australia, West Australian: “Alaska Hosts Hairy Competition”
Governor Palin is OK with this as long as no one is gay during the festivities.