Each day we offer headlines from the world press along with our comments:

South Africa, Mail & Guardian: “Doctors Insulted”
You mean you want to pay me AFTER the operation?

Hungary, Budapest Times: “Flush With Possibilities”
The Republican program for fiscal health which is best sent down the toilet.

Pakistan, Daily Times: “Beggar Kills Salesman”
I think this story begs the question as to who is guilty.

Copenhagen Post: “Man Eaten By Tiger”
Growl and Burp!

UAR, Khaleej Times: “Britain’s Grouchiest Workers”
Members of Parliament forced to explain their expense accounts.

Saudi Arabia: “Saudis Going On Vacations Despite Swine Flu”
I guess they wanted to pig out rather than being pig sick.

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “Man Cuts Off Penis To Protest Parent’s Bride Choice”
We can definitely state the parents will never become grandparents.

South Africa, Argus: “Blood Therapy Helps Latvia”
When you place Dr. Dracula in charge of a blood program it will definitely succeed.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Unusual Place To Find Thai Temple”
In Brooklyn?

Oman, Oman Tribune: “Outrage Against Curry Bashing”
Let them eat spaghetti.