Each day we offer headlines from the world press along with our comments.

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “Cut Leg Off To Fit Coffin”
Thank God his head was not too large!

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Drink And Drown”
That’s what happens when you drink water instead of whiskey.

Sweden, The Local: “Nuclear Waste Will Be Buried For 100,000 Years”
That’s All?

Norway, Norway Post: “Suspected Arson In Church Fire”
Witnesses saw a lighting bolt come from the sky and some angry words were said in a language they did not understand.

Kuwait, Kuwait Times: “Two Brits Jailed For Adultery”
I thought you needed at least three for adultery.

USA, Newsday: “Cheney Comes Out For Gay Marriage”
You have to admit Dick stands up for his daughter, now how about standing up for your country.

UK, Guardian: “Pay-For-Pee-Plans”
Do you pay before or after and what happens if it is only a trickle– do you get a discount?

Australia, Brisbane Times: “Call For Gay Only Unit Floors”
Now, what about transgender folk– do they get two floors?

Finland, Sanomat: “Fourth Finnish Swine Flu Patient Found”
He was pigging out at the OK Corral Restaurant.