Each day we offer a review of the world press headlines along with our comments.

South Africa, Mail & Guardian: “Long On Intentions, Short On Actoin”
Any American politician.

Turkey, Dunya: “General Barbug To Visit US”
I gather he is there to bug Americans about their military ideas.

Nethrlands, Radio Netherlands: “Fishermen Give Eels A Hand”
A slippery one, no doubt.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Exploited Au Pairs”
How about trying them out as a quartet?

UK, Guardian: “Harvard Endows Chair In Gay/Lesbian Studies”
So, where does that leave transgender studies?

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “Gay Penguins Now Proud Parents”
Are gay penguins somewhat different biologically than gay men?

Uganda, Daily Monitor: “Hospitals Full Of Expired Drugs”
And, expired patients as well.

Sweden, The Local: “Prisoners Seek Higher Learning”
Advanced classes in safe cracking, I assume.

Canada, Toronto Star: “Is Sewage Fertilizer Safe”
Sounds like a smelly story to me.

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “Crime A Priority”
For the police or for thieves?