Each day we offer headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

South Africa, Argus: “Police Search For Mother Who Abandoned Baby”

Australia, The Age: “Ninety Nine Idiots Found”
At the meeting of Republican congressmen?

UK, The Independent: “Pensioners Protest In Underwear”
They were taken to the cleaners in the stock market.

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “Gay Penguins Now Proud Parents”
Could someone explain to me the process of creating the baby penguin- Immaculate Conception?

India, Times of India: “I’m Indian, I love Mediocrity”
You must also be a Republican.

Netherlands, Netherlands Radio: “Judge Rebukes Critical Politicians”
For being politicians?

Yemen, Yemen Times: “To Marry Educated Or Uneducated Woman”
Doesn’t that depend if you are an educated or uneducated man?

Sweden, The Local: “Man Arrested For Spying On Saab”
Mr. Fiat was found under the hood of a Saab.

Australia, Brisbane Times: “Matzos For Fatsos”
Just hold the chopped liver.

Thailand, Bangkok Post: “Drugs Found In Massage Chair”
Get a double high.

Canada, Toronto Star: “Is Sewage Fertilizer Safe?”
This story smells to high heaven.