Each day we offer headlines from newspaper around the world.

UAR, Khaleej Times: “New Group To Improve Education Standards”

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “Pilot To Co-Pilot- Got Any Ideas”
Get your damn hands on the wheel and fly the damn plane!

Sweden, The Local: “”God Does Not Exist- Humanists”
That’s not very human to make such a remark.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Handball Team Strikes”
I thought in handball one hits, not strikes, the ball.

Norway, Nettavisen: “Hope Is Diminishing”
That the Republican Party can come up with an intelligent idea.

Saudi Arabia, Saudi Gazette: “7,400 Teachers To Retake Test”
“Teacher Shot Dead”
They don’t fool around in Saudi Arabia when a teacher fails a test.

Canada, Toronto Star: “Man Dead Two Weeks-No One Noticed”
Isn’t it an issue of smelling, not listening?

UK,The Independent: “Property Developer On Murder Charge”
He mad a killing on the property.

Australia, Brisbane Times: “When Police Look The Other Way”
They capture criminals?