Each day we offer a selection of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Sweden, The Local: “Can I Import Alcohol Over The Internet”
Yes, as long as you download it.

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “Australia Leads Swine Flu Race”
The winner gets a pig.

UK, The Independent: “Evolution Of Underwear”
Are you telling me cavemen did not wear boxer shorts!

USA, NY Daily News: “Boy Friend Beat Me But I Love Him”
This is what is termed tough love.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Beavers Back”
From where?

South Africa, Mercury: “School For Scandal”
The New York State Legislature?

Turkey, Hurriyet Daily News: “No One Told Me To Stop Says Intruder”
That’s a fair defense. After all, there are no signs in banks saying robbery is illegal.

Norway, Nettavisen: “Authorities Blame Tourist Agencies”
For some reason, you won’t cease sending those tourists!

UK, Guardian: “Stupid White Heterosexual Males”
Dick Cheney, Don Rusmfeld, George Bush, etc….?

Australia, Brisbane Times: “We Should Speak Australian”
In Iran?