Each day we offer a survey of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Kuwait, Kuwait Times: “Psychology of Polygamy”
We men get a lot and you women get a little.

Australia, Brisbane Times: “Fresh Air And Hot Air”
Jon Stewart and Rush Limbaugh in action.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Monday Morning Job Blues”
These days if you have a job there are never any Monday morning job blues.

Sweden, The Local: Train Hits Doll”
Rather barbious of it I should say.

UK, The Independent: “Alan Sugar Give OK By BBC”
That’s might sweet of them.

USA, Newsday: “PETA Chastises Obama For Killing Fly”
Now, what does PETA have to say about the killings in Darfur?

Canada, Toronto Star: “City Braces For Garbage Strike”
Whew, this story smells to high heaven.

UAR, Arab Times: “Arabs Silent On Iran Unrest”
Arabs killing Muslims is not a sin, but an Israel who kills a Muslim is.

Australia, The Age: “Breakdancing British Dancer Gets Disability Cut”
At age, 79, if I could Breakdance, I should get a bonus in my pension payment.