Each day we offer a selection of headlines from the world press along with our comments.

USA, New York Post: “CEOs Flying Blind”
Now, that is reassuring. Enough of them thinking they know what they are doing.

UK, Guardian: “Vegetarian And Proud”
Meat Lover and Fat.

UK, The Independent: “Girl 2 Thrown Out Of Australian Senate”
Enough with people talking common sense.

China, China Daily: “HU Leaves Slovakia For Croatia”
Is that somewhere south of Hong Kong?

Ukraine, Kyiv Post: “Baron Cohen Appears As Bull In Spain”
Talk about a story full of bull!

Sweden, The Local: “Man Fined For Reclaiming Own Boat”
Next time, steal one.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Cops Steal Back Stereo”
These cops are really tuned into crime.

South Africa, Mail& Guardian: “Don’t Panic Over Swine Flu”
The pigs have been placed in charge to avoid any pork barrel stuff.

Kuwait, Kuwait Times: “New Role For Women”
Having a harem of ten men.

Saudi Arabia, Saudi Gazette: “Ethics In Advertising”
How about starting by telling the truth.