Each day we offer a selection of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

China Daily: “Kim Song Il Puts Son As Head Of Spy Agency”
To spy on him or the government?

Indonesia, Jakarta Post: “Shoe Shine Boys Face More Jail Time”
I guess the prison guards need someone to shine their shoes.

Sweden, The Local: “Topless Bathers Win Right To Bath”
Where? When?

UK, The Independent: “Diocese Stops Communion Wine Over Swine Flu”
Poor pigs, they can’t even get confession time before getting killed.

Northern Ireland, Independent: “Belfast Hosts World Dwarf Games”
That’s might big of them.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Top Race Car Driver’s Car Stolen”
When last seen it had just made the first turn of the race.

UAR, Arab Times: “Taiwan OKs Prostitution By Sex Workers”
It does not allow prostitution by non-sex workers.

Canada, Toronto Star: “Does Grey Hair Protect Against Cancer”
Does this mean manufacturers will start selling hair whiteners?

Kuwait, Kuwait Times: “Kuwait Marks Anti-Drug Day”
I guess it is OK to only have one day in the year when we can’t use drugs.