Each day we offer a selection of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

South Africa: “Serial Rapist Gets Five Lifetime Sentences”
What does a cat burglar get –nine lifetime sentences?

Czech Republic: “Government Watchdog Unit Under Investigation”
I assume they are being investigated by the Government Watchdog Unit.

Yemen Times: “Keep Children Off Streets In Summer”
Send them for a summer in Alaska.

UK, The Independent: “Couple Die In Suicide Clinic”
I assume they received an A for committing suicides.

Czech Republic, Copenhagen Post: “Attacker Urinated On Body”
Piss on you is my response!

Sweden, The Local: “”Swine Flu Infects 400,000 Swedes”
Why not send the pigs to Norway?

Kuwait, Kuwait Times: ‘New Regulations For Charities”
Give away money. No more hoarding.

UK, Guardian: “Botched Bouquet Toss Causes Plane Crash”
Next time hold on to the bouquet and throw the groom.

USA, Yahoo: “Cemetery Workers Charged With Digging Up Graves”
I think you guys got it backwards, we put bodies into, not out of graves!

Saudi Arabia, Al Arabiya: “Is It Really About the Veil”
Or is it about peeping toms who want to see the face?