Each week we present headlines that appeared in the world press as well as our comments on the headlines.

Sweden, The Local: “Fewer Danes Migrate To Sweden”
Is that good or bad news?

Qatar, Gulf Times: “Spanish Prince Says He Is A Princess”
I guess he got kissed by a salmon rather than a frog.

Australia, West Australian: “How Says He Was Not A Coward”
You idiot, he is a Mr. Howard not a Mr. Coward!

Kuwait, Kuwait Times: “Charities Found Committing A Crime”
They were caught giving money to the poor and homeless.

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “Man Stuck Trying Sex With A Bench”
I think he set a new benchmark for having sex with benches.

Oman, Oman Tribune: “Son Or Daughter”
I don’t know, just mix and match them.

Norway, Aftenposten: “Bad Week For Bears”
Goldilocks brought along some friends.

Bahrain, Kuwait Times: “Shrimp Season Is Back”
Non one over five feet tall is allowed to work on fishing boats.

China, China Daily: “Man Charged With Being Too Close To Wife At Wedding”
This is one marriage that will not result in children.

Australia, Brisbane Times: “Man Claims To Be Porn Inspector”
The question is who is hiring him to do what?

Saudi Arabia, Arab Times: “Bangladesh Teacher Sacked For Haircuts”
They thought he was hired to teach not to give haircuts.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Bullies Bring Lawyers To School”
Bully for them.

Egypt, Egypt Daily News: “Was King Tut A Daddy”
No, I think she was a mummy.

Sweden, The Local: “Pensioners Wait For Benefits”
If you get them waiting long enough you won’t have to worry about paying them.

Kuwait, Kuwait Times: “Warning To Massage Parlors”
I think I’ll keep my hands off this story.

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “Trapped For Two Days In Bathroom”
I think I’ll just flush this story down the toilet.

Turkey, Sabah: “Giants War In Caucasia”
The Giants were playing the Jets.

Bhutan, Bhutan Times: “Where Is The Yeti?”
I am not expecting him yet but he will be here tomorrow.