Each day we offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Sweden, Local:  “Teddy Bear Attack”

Has anyone contacted Sarah Palin?

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald:  “What A Stupid Waste Of Money”

Paying members of the US Congress to solve a problem.

France, Connexion:  “Get Extra Time In Bed”

At least you won’t be reading Facebook dribble.

USA,aol:  “Voters Won’t Fall In Love With Romney”

Neither will his dog.

Norway, Norway Post:  “Mickey Mouse Show”

Any group of Republicans explaining how to create jobs by  lowering taxes on wealthy.

Netherlands, Dutch News:  “Win Herring Award”

There is something smelly about this story.

Singapore, Straits Times:  “Boy Has Cancer, Mom Goes To Get Healed”

One new approach to curing cancer.