Each day we offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

France, Connexion:  “Psychos Offer Free Seminars”

In how to become a psycho?

UK, Guardian:  “Missing Briton Found”

If he was found then he is not a missing Briton.

USA, NY Post:  “Dating Site Puts Men On Display”

From the bottom  down, I assume.

Sweden, Local:  “What’s On In Sweden”

Frankly, given the beauty of Swedish women, I prefer what’s off in Sweden.

USA, Newsday:  “NYC Bans Sugar Drinks In Theaters”

How sweet of them.

Canada, Toronto Star:  “Toronto Beer Week Starts”

Burp, burp..

Denmark, Copenhagen Post:  “Authorities Puzzled By Mysterious Object”

I assume they mean Mitt Romney clearly explaining something.