Each day we offer a survey of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

South Africa, Mail & Guardian: “Botched Circumcision”
Contact your local Circumcision Center for the first available Mohel.

Sweden, The Local: “Serial Masturbator Seized”
In the act, I assume?

Kuwait, Kuwait Times: “Mosques Open For Prayers”
That is a lot better than being closed for prayers.

Australia, The Age: “Borat Under Psychiatric Care”
What a surprise! I thought he was such a sane individual

Czech Republic, Prague Post: “European Dental Center– 8 Languages Spoken”
What I want to know– do they speak dentalese?

Canada, Toronto Star: “Operation Leaves Woman With Triple Size Breast”
This story leaves me breastless.

Israel, Jerusalem Post: “Trouble In Translation Of Arabic Gay Book”
This is not a very happy story to report.

Australia, Brisbane Times: “Lane Change Caused Cattle Carnage”
Look, you cattle, stay out of the HOV lane– it’s for cars with at least two people.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Maybe We’re Not The Happiest”
Try eight years of George Bush and get a replacement to understand the meaning of happiness!

UK, The Independent: “Crime Rate At 20 Year Low”
I am certain the NRA will claim they are responsible for this figure. If so, does this mean we don’t need guns anymore?