Each day we offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald:  “Netanyahu Draws Red Line”

How about a green one on the West Bank for the settlers?

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald:  “Carpet Cleaner’s Name Kept Hidden”

Have you checked underneath the carpet?

Turkey, Hurriyet:  “I’m A Terrorist”

And, you ain’t!

Netherlands, Dutch News:  “Waste Processor Cuts 600 Jobs”

What a waste of talent.

China, China Daily:  “Ban Eating On Subway”

If this is China, there is also a ban on free thinking.

Kuwait, Kuwait Times:  “Real Problem Facing Kuwait”


India, Times Of India:  “Debt Rises”

Ah, debt do us part.

Japan, Japan Times:  “Islands Stolen”

Have you checked in the warehouse?