Each day we offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Saudi Arabia, Saudi Gazette:  “Save Self From Abyss”

Vote for Obama.

Norway, Norway Post:  “1080 Buses Found Unfit”

Now, do you know why it is time to walk and get some exercise???

France, Connexion:  “Seize Cannabis Bar”

High and drunk is the new in sensation.

USA, NY Daily Numbers: Police To War Badge Numbers”

At least now I will know the number of the man who robs me.

Russia, Moscow Times:  “False Monk Sells Non-existant Car”

This is what is called a non-story.

Canada, Toronto Star:  “Plane Stuck In Mud”

A lot better than being stuck up in the sky.

UK, Guardian:  “Busted For Punching Darth Vader”

I expect to see the puncher on some distant planet.