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Australia, Sydney Morning Herald:  “David And Goliath

These days with TV political ads it is Goliath vs Goliath

Russia, Moscow Times:  “PM Medvedev Backs Technology”

Did he clear it with Putin?

Sweden,Local:  “Jobless Swedes Paid To Go To Norway”

Oh well, at least they are not heading for the US!

Denmark, Copenhagen Post:  Sociopath Aussies and Elizabethan Maids”

I’ll pass on this one. I have enough modern problems to handle.

Norway, Norway Post:  “Trick And Treaters Injured In Stair Collapse”

Boo hoo for all.

Netherlands, Dutch News:  “Crime And Punishment”

In America if you are wealthy and do the crime you do not do the time.

UK, Independent:  “Life Is Cheap”

But, existence is expensive!