Each day we offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

USA, aol:  “Don’t Cry For Twinkies”

Think about how happy will be your waist.

USA, New York Post:  “Not Ready To Concede”

As far as Republicans are concerned, too many aliens were allowed to vote.

UK, Independent:  “Jail For Sex In Taxi”

My concern was if the meter was running.

Sweden, Local:  “Wrong Man Accused”

So, is this unusual in American courts?

Denmark, Copenhagen Post:  “Mitt In Disneyland”

I think he spent the entire campaign there.

Russia, Moscow Times: “They’re No Dummies”

They’re just Republicans.

Turkey, Hurriyet;  “Gang  Posing As Cops”

Or, was it cops posing as gang?