We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

China, China Daily:  “Workers Over Educated”

That’s why in America they are under paid.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post:  “Old Badass Finally Here”

John Boehner is here and he fell asleep. All is well in America.

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald:  “We Are Responsible”

We did elect Republicans in  state legislatures.

Russia, Moscow Times:  “Horses And Dogs To Patrol”

They will make excellent guards for Putin.

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald:  “Drop In Job Seekers”

What else when there is a drop in jobs?

Norway, Norway Post:  “Team Of Cheats”

Just name any baseball team on subject of drugs.

USA, NY Post:  “A-Rod Excuses”

For taking drugs or for striking out?