We daily offer headlines that appeared in the world press along with our own comments.

USA, The New York Daily News: “What Recovery Addicts Can Learn From George Bush”
Flush out the crap as soon as possible.

Canada, Toronto Star: “Beware The Snow Police”
With a bit of sun they can flood you.

Jamaica, Cleaner: “All Night Sermons Robbing Children Of Parents”
Plus, giving God a headache.

Latvia, Baltic Times: “Flu Makes Grip On Latvia”
This is no latving matter.

Yemen, Yemen Times: “My Experience With Night”
It’s darker than day?

Malta, Malta Today: “Culture Minister Defends Censorship”
Just remember, cross the culture minister and all that remains is a blank page in the paper.

Sweden, The Local: “Sex Photos Cause Political Row”
Why? They are just showing fucking and we get fucked every day by Congress.

China, China Daily: “Student Tries Skiing Home”
From Saudi Arabia?

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Spider Hitches Ride To Denmark”
Did he ride first or second class?

Turkey, Daily News: “Iran Bans Women Magazine”
A lot better than stoning women to death.

Norway, Norway Post: “Real Estate Agents Forced To Tell Truth”
That would be the eighth wonder of the world.

Finland, Sanomat: “Divers Used As Guinea Pigs”
Big deal, the United States has been used as guinea pigs by Wall Street for years.