Headlines From World Press

We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Japan, Japan Times:  “Museum Dwells On Art Defecation”

Another shitty art exhibit if you ask me.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post:  “Chops Up Grandma”

A pleasant way to cheer up grandpa!

Canada, Toronto Star:  “Commits Murder While In Jail”

Well, it certainly cut  down on police travel time to solve murder.

Russia, Moscow Times:  “Child Welfare Law Sparks Parent Fears”

First, they worry about child welfare, next they will come for my guns.

Norway, Norway Post:  “Teen Dies After Being Shot”

At least he didn’t die before being shot.

UK, Guardian:  “”Less Pay For Older Workers”

Less years to live so why the need for more pay?

China,China Daily:  “Hospital Reforms Take Effect”

In on Monday, out on Tuesday.

Indonesia, Jakarta Post:  “Pope Blesses Thousands”

I guess it is last rites.

Sweden, Local:  “Swedish Girls More Violent”

Wouldn’t you be if in the land of cold long nights?