We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Turkey, Hurriyet:  “Female MPs Wear Pants In Parliament”

Next thing you know females can protest being married off without permission.

USA, NY Daily News:  “Trouble In Paradise”

The Benghazi committee forgot to complain today.

UK, Guardian:  “Dennis Rodman To North Korea”

He will demonstrate a fast break away from oblivion.

France, Connexion:  “Something Smells Funny”

Oh, it is just Republicans holding a farting session about Benghazi.

Iran, Tehran Times:  “Iran Politicians Register To Run For President”

Now, we need  registration to hold an honest election.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post:  “Government Hangs By Thread”

Cut the damn thread!

USA, aol:  “Two Popes Meet”

There can not be anything infallible in this session.