Headlines From World Press

Each day we offer a sample of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Indonesia, Jakarta Post: “Withdraw Padded Bras From Kids”
I assume there are better uses for padded bras than on the bodies of children.

Ukraine, Kyiv Post: “Withdraw Sale of Padded Bikinis”
I suspect small breasted women are behind these campaign.

Turkey, Hurriyet: “3 Turks Spy For Greece”
big deal, there are three Greeks spying for Turkey

U,K., The Independent: “Woman Don’t Protest”
Spoken like a real man.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “New Mosque In Copenhagen”
Them Muslims is always mosking their plans.

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “Doctor Had Sex With Nymphomaniac”
Hands on medicine?

Norway, Norway Post: “Volcanic Eruption Covers Europe”
Ashes to ashes.

U.K., Guardian: “Quake Mourning Day”
A time to open one’s heart.

Bulgaria, Sofia Echo: “Smoking Ban Postponed”
Cough, cough..