Each day we offer a sample of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Canada, Toronto Star: “Immigrants Face Language Test”
After listening to Fox News commentators, how about requiring them to take a language test?

USA, Army Times: “Five Governors Visit Iraq”
Five governors up for re-election seeking photo-ops?

South Africa, Argus: “We’re Being Held Hostage By Baboons”
Absolutely, they inhabit the US Congress.

UK,The Independent: “3 Year Sentence For Killing Mom”
Is it more or less for killing dad?

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: ‘Host Finds Student Having Sex With Wife”
She’s a host for God’s sake, what else do you expect!

Russia, Moscow Times: “US Gay Couples Banned From Adopting Russian Children”
Serial rapists, criminals, and sex perverts allowed.

Czech Republic, Prague Post: “Cut Secret Services”
Hush, do it but keep it a secret.

Japan, Japan Times: “Students Suspended For Drinking Sake In Japan”
Drink it in China or Australia, but not here.

Indonesia, Jakarta Post: “Porn Sites Blocked Before Ramadan”
They will reopen for Yom Kippur.

UK, The Independent: “Man Robs Bank Dressed As Darth Vader”
There was nothing suspicious about a man dressed as Darth Vader?

Australia, Brisbane Times: ‘Monster Rat Found”
His name is Bernie Madoff.

Germany, Der Spiegel: “!5 Dead At Love Parade”
Are you certain this was not a hate parade?