We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments

Egypt, Al Ahram: “Hezbollah Chief Warns Of Foreign Fighters In Syria”

Absolutely, they are from Hezbollah

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “Pope Urges Peace In Middle East”

He wants Jews and Muslims to settle things in a Christian manner.

USA, Newsday: “Obama Pledges Help To Veterans”

Just five years to late.

China, China Daily: “Pot Calls Kettle Black”

Once again, blame it on the black people.

UK, Guardian: “Subway Food Ban”

I need time to chew on this development.

Thailand, Bangkok Post: “Thai Coup Leader Names PM”

That is what happens when you are a coup leader, you become the new leader.

Canada, Toronto Star: “Tourists Welcomed To Toronto”

Just bring some beer and whiskey for the mayor.