Each day we offer headlines from the world press along with our comments.

Russia, Moscow News: “Danger of Sabre Rattling”
You wind up capturing Baghdad and spend six years trying to keep control of it.

Hungary, Budapest Times: “Just Say Yes To Gloom And Doom”
And, you will be welcomed in the Republican party.

Netherlands, Radio Netherlands: “Prison Toilet Paper To Carry Safe Sex Message”
OK, guys, keep your hands down and wipe, don’t rub.

Italy, Corriere Della Sera: “Milanese Only Seats In Public”
Long Island passengers, standing room only on subways!

Northern Ireland: “Man Dies After Erecting Headstone”
That’s a lot better than dying before he erects the headstone.

Serbia, B-92: “Good News About Visas”
There are none for Kosovo.

Romania, Seven Times.ro: “Movies For Blind People”
At least they aren’t silent ones.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Police Pardoned Over Weekend Vandalism”
How many times do you have to be told, be vandals during the week, not weekends!

Qatar, Arab Times: “Man Avoids Washing For 35 Years”
He took a vow of abstinence from washing until Republicans came up with an idea other than lower taxes.

Oman, Khaleej Times: “Iran Demands Water From Neighbors”
No beer, no wine, just give us some water!